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INSURANCE-MOD is a full-service insurance agency that specializes in finding comparative quotes for all your property.

Since we love cars, we decided to become the only agency that offers comparative quotes for your classic/collector car, too!

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Comparative Quotes

Do your comparative shopping with us and get side-by-side quotes from trusted insurers in your area. We’ll help you get all the discounts available.

Car people

A lot of us have felt under-appreciated by the insurance industry. At INSURANCE-MOD, Your classic/collector vehicle isn’t an afterthought to us.

Insurance in One Place

Whether you have multiple policies or switch insurance companies from one year to the next, you can find what you need with the INSURANCE-MOD user portal or mobile app.

Broad Eligibility​

INSURANCE-MOD has one of the broadest eligibility requirements on the market by working with many major collector/classic car providers

Insurance advice

The agents working at INSURANCE-MOD are paid on salary, not commission. Their goal is to help you find the best coverage and price.

Tell us once

Fill out our online questionnaire once, and that’s it. We’ll save you hours by giving you quotes across multiple products and multiple insurance companies.

Customer Portal

Access your account with your mobile device or computer

See the whole picture

Residence, vehicles, drivers and coverages, all in one place.

Get your docs

Multiple policies? No problem! Get your Auto ID cards and Policies here.

Ways to Save on Insurance


Bundling your standard auto with your home, condo or rental reduces your cost by 10–20%. Easy peasy. But cozy up to any one insurance company. You should shop every couple years to make sure you’re getting the best rate. We’ll help you do that

Shop around

Most people are overpaying for insurance because they either didn’t shop when they first bought or haven’t recently. Let us get the quotes for you—it’s what we do!

Higher deductibles

You should look for the middle ground in your deductibles. You’ll overpay on insurance if they are too low but will regret it in a claim situation if they are too high.

Get your mileage right

Auto pricing is tiered based on mileage. If you aren’t sure about your mileage, think it through—how much are you driving?

Protective Devices

Common-sense protections like deadbolt locks, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and burglar alarms all reduce your premium.

Compare and Save!

Enter your info once and get comparative quotes!

Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543

Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543

Learn more about Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance makes sure other people on the road, your passengers, and you can get good medical attention in the event of an accident. It also protects your car itself from most of the hazards that could damage it while driving or parked.

Classic/Collector Vehicles

The only thing accurate about valuing a classic/ collector vehicle using depreciation is it always gives the wrong answer. Classic/collector vehicle insurance offers the same protection as standard auto insurance but uses “Agreed Value,” where you decide how much your vehicle is worth.

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner insurance covers damage to home and your possessions. It also protects you from liability for injury to others or damage to their property. If you have a mortgage, chances are your lender requires homeowner insurance.

Condo Owner's Insurance

Your HOA looks after the exterior of your building, so personal condo insurance is there to protect the rest: flooring, inner walls, countertops, cabinets, etc. It also covers your possessions and liability risk of injuries to guests or damage to other people’s property.

Renter’s Insurance

Renters insurance does a lot more than just protect your possessions, it pays for defense costs and damages if you are held liable for other people’s injuries or for damage to their property.

Umbrella Insurance

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you become liable for more than your auto or home/ condo/renter insurance limits cover? Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive product that drastically increases your liability protection, and gives you a few coverages you won’t get anywhere else.

Top Customer Questions

How do I benefit from working with INSURANCE-MOD?

INSURANCE-MOD is your one stop for getting competitive insurance quotes for your personal property, including your classic/collector
vehicle. As a classic/collector vehicle owner, there is a good chance you will have two insurance policies: one where you bundle your
residence with your standard vehicle(s) and another for your classic/collector vehicle. INSURANCE-MOD makes things easier for you by
being your one source to access all your insurance information. Plus, if you re-shop your insurance from one year to the next and found
better price and coverage with a different company, you can access your new policy(s) through INSURANCE-MOD.

How is INSURANCE-MOD different from other insurance companies?
Is INSURANCE-MOD licensed?
Is INSURANCE-MOD affiliated with any insurance companies?
Is it cheaper to buy insurance through INSURANCE-MOD?

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Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543

Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543
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