Classic/ Collector Insurance Vehicles

Don’t be fooled by the name. Classic/collector vehicle insurance can cover more kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs than you might expect.

Vehicles that should have classic/collector insurance are probably about as diverse as bugs in a rainforest. The categories you see on this page are debatable and overlap, but they’re only meant to give you an idea of how wide the range of insurable vehicles is. While all insurance companies have eligibility criteria, ultimately you are the one who decides what insurance is right for your car.

  • Classic/collector cars is a blanket term covering most street-legal vehicles that aren’t depreciating like standard autos.
  • Modified cars, trucks and rods can be just as desirable for insurance companies as stock vehicles.
  • Exotic cars and collector imports should be part of the definition of classic/collector vehicles.
  • Antique, classic, and late model performance trucks and SUVs are also in the family.
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Classic & Collector Cars

Antique & Classic Cars
A broad category of cars built after 1920 and before 1980 that are distinguished based on design, engineering and workmanship.

Muscle Cars
High-performance, rear-wheel drive American coupes manufactured in the 1960s or 1970s. Full-size, compact and pony cars might also be considered muscle cars.

Late Model Performance Cars
Cars recently designed and manufactured that have above average abilities in: acceleration, top speed, cornering, and braking.

Modified Cars & Hot Rods

Modified or Custom Cars & Trucks
Vehicles modified from factory standard for aesthetics or performance. Modifications might include chassis, body, engine, paint, interior, lifting/lowering, and more.

Hot Rods, Street Rods, & Rat Rods
Modified cars with a pre-1949 American style body. It usually doesn’t matter whether original parts were used. Hot rods are typically made for racing, street rods are made for street driving, and rat rods are made to appear in poor condition but actually have performance modifications.

Replicas & Kit Cars
Replicas are completed cars that resemble the body of cars manufactured in earlier years. Kit cars are disassembled pieces of a car that the buyer assembles, and vary in completeness. Kit cars are usually assembled on top of pre-assembled engines and transmissions.

Classic cars that have been restored to look like the original model but are modified with modern parts to improve performance, comfort, and aesthetics.

Exotic Cars & Collector Imports

Asian & European Collector Cars
Earlier models of well-known overseas car manufacturers that have gained similar appeal to their American counterparts. It’s easy to find import-themed car shows across America.

Early and Late Model Exotics
Exotic cars, whether in the classic age range or late model, always seem to combine high price with high performance. Many manufacturers have branded themselves as only making exotic cars (e.g., Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc.) but unique and high-end vehicles from common manufacturers can easily be considered exotic.

Classic Luxury Cars
There have always been cars that emphasize luxury and comfort, so it’s no surprise that many of the fine quality and low production models from earlier years now have their own lane among classic/collector vehicles.

Late Model & High End Luxury Vehicles
Some things never change. Newer vehicles more interested in prestige than performance (but usually doing just fine in that category) also need specialized insurance coverage.

Trucks & SUVs

Antique & Classic Trucks
Classic/collector vehicle insurance isn’t just for cars. Antique trucks and SUVs are typically at least 45 years old, and Classic trucks at least 20 years old. But this club isn’t for everyone: these are also distinguished by their design, engineering and workmanship.

Late Model Performance Trucks
Pickup trucks with some pickup. Trucks are typically more expensive than their car equivalents because there is (literally) more to them. Many high-quality, late model trucks easily justify the improved coverage from a classic/collector insurance policy.

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