Classic/ Collector Vehicle Eligibility

Eligibility can be tough if you don’t know what the insurance companies are looking for.  INSURANCE-MOD can help!

With broader eligibility than you would think in some areas but strict rules in others, classic/ collector vehicle insurance eligibility can be difficult to navigate. Let INSURANCE-MOD do the eligibility checks and quoting so you can find the right coverage for your vehicle. Whether a past decline felt like a speed trap or you just want to make sure you know your options, we’ll help you find the road best travelled.

  • Eligibility is driven by the vehicle itself, driver(s), use and storage.
  • New drivers need not apply but if you’re 18, it could happen. Watch out for excess tickets and infractions because these could make you ineligible.
  • Vehicles must be carefully stored.
  • If your classic/collector vehicle is limited use and you have a separate daily diver, welcome to insurance town!
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Vehicle Eligibility

With a name like classic/collector vehicle insurance (often called classic car insurance), you might be surprised at how many different kinds of vehicles the companies actually will cover.

Vehicle Type
Most Classic/Collector vehicle insurance providers want the following:   

  • Body: cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks
  • Type: classic, collector, customs, hot rods, exotics, imports

>> Learn more about classic/collector vehicles

Most classic/collector vehicle insurance providers don’t want the following:

  • Body: ATV, Dune buggy, military, trailer, tractor, commercial vehicle, or motor home

Vehicle Age
Your car doesn’t have to be antique to get classic/collector car insurance. It doesn’t have to be old at all! It just needs to have something unique about it to justify a coverage that doe not rely on depreciation. With that said, all companies have age criteria. But since INSURANCE-MOD represents many classic/collector car providers, the best way to learn if your vehicle is eligible is to run it through our proprietary eligibility tool.

Most modified vehicles are eligible for classic/collector insurance. In fact, some cars are only eligible because they have been modified! Restrictions on modifications are typically intended as a proxy for what the car is used for (see Use below). The only modifications that always make vehicles ineligible through INSURANCE-MOD are nitrous boosters and very high lift

Driver Eligibility

Driver age and experience
Driving a classic/collector car after first getting your driver’s license just sounds like a bad idea. There’s a reason that new drivers pay insurance rates more than double any other age group: some of them are nuts!…Not you or yours, of course!

Most insurers do have a minimum age and/or years of driving experience. Some carriers allow drivers as young as 18, for others it’s 21, for others it’s 25, and there is one that only allows drivers under 30 if they have a clean driving record.

Driver History
At-fault accidents, traffic incidents and insurance claims are carefully considered. Most insurers have a maximum number of events per person and a separate maximum per household. But events that happened more than five years ago usually aren’t an issue.

Usage Eligibility

Classic/collector vehicle insurance exists because there are different cars, cars that stand out and are beautiful, that deserve more than standard car insurance. Owners of these cars wouldn’t put them in harm’s way, and would actually go out of their way to keep them safe.
Does that describe your car? Ours too! You’ve come to the right place. Welcome.

All insurers are going to love you if you reserve your car for use in shows, exhibitions, club
activities, organized meets, parades, cruises, tours, or for pleasure driving and exercising the motor.

Some insurers are going to love you if you also use your vehicle for racing, timed events or
driver’s education.

None of the insurers will offer you insurance if you use your vehicle for daily driving, back-up transportation, vacations, errands, commuting, business/commercial use, off-roading, towing, hauling, etc.

Personal Use Vehicles:
This goes hand-in (driving)glove with your vehicle not being used as a daily driver. To get classic/collector insurance, you will need to have a separate primary use vehicle.

You could do all the club activities you want, do pleasure driving every weekend, and still be eligible because you will still have relatively low mileage. Carriers differ on their annual mileage requirements: some max out at 2,500, 3,500, 5,000, 6,000, and one even goes up to 10,000 in certain cases.

Storage Eligibility

Careful storage is a must for all insurance providers. As you might expect, private and locked garages are ideal but there are flexibility and differences across insurers.

insurers allow private and locked garages and pole barns.

Most insurers allow car condos and storage units.

Some insurers allow Carports with 2 or 3 sides, private parking garages and driveways (in some states).

None of the insurers allow a business or commercial location, temporary structures (tents or domes), public parking garage, parking lot, street or other locations.

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