Homeowner Insurance Discounts

Put the savings from your discounts toward making sure you have the right coverages in your homeowner insurance.

Want to get a head start on your insurance premium? Take advantage of all the insurance discounts you can. Getting homeowner insurance discounts could allow you to put the savings toward meaningful changes in coverage that could keep you financially safe in the event of a loss.

  • Bundling homeowner and standard auto insurance typically saves customers 20%.
  • Re-shopping your policy could uncover lower rates from your insurance company’s competitors.
  • Basic security measures can mean safety and savings.
  • Insurance companies look at your home and you when thinking how much to charge. Major life events could be a good time to get quotes.
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Bundle your home and auto insurance

Customers who bundle their home and auto policies save an average of 20%. Insurance companies love it when you put your home and other property (like auto, motorcycle, RV, etc.) on the same policy because you are less likely to switch insurance companies despite potential savings. So this discount is great for you when you are shopping, but is something you should watch out for overtime—don’t be afraid to shop again and make sure you are getting the best value.

Comparison shop

Dare we say that most people out there could get a discount on their home insurance if they just shopped the policy? Getting a quote from an insurance company can be a pain, and has been part of the reason many homeowners go a long time without re-shopping their policy. With INSURANCE-MOD, you can just enter you information once, and we will shop your policy with many of the biggest insurance providers in your area. Comparison shopping is one of the best ways to get insurance discounts because it gets you a lower rate without your needing to make any changes to your home or lifestyle.

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Re-think your deductibles

The discount here is because raising your deductible lowers your insurance premium. But we suggest the goal isn’t to consider how high a deductible you can tolerate, but instead to make sure your deductible isn’t too low. When and if you ever have a loss to your home or personal property, you will likely be facing major inconveniences that take time and money. On top of those burdens, you need to consider your insurance deductible. It’s in your best interest to buy a deductible that you can live with rather than to get one that is too high on the day you need it.

Secure your home

Here’s a win-win. Securing your home with basic safety measures not only gives you insurance discounts, but it helps keeps you safe. Home security discounts range from easy things that almost anyone does (or should) do, like deadbolts on exterior doors, fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to fire and security systems that automatically contact the police or fire departments. Are there any home security measures that make sense for your home that you don’t currently have? If so, get them and have the bonus of an insurance discount!

Shop insurance after life events

Life events mean big changes for you personally and may mean a change in how the insurance companies think about your risk. Buying a new house? New homeowner discounts are coming your way! Just bought a car? Just got married? Re-shop your insurance to bundle with your spouse and for savings.

Improve your credit score

One more reason to keep building your (financial) house is that credit scores aren’t only for a good rate on your mortgage—they will also get you savings on insurance.

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