How to buy car insurance

Have you ever thanked yourself for doing something? Get the car insurance you really need, and if the time comes, you will thank yourself again.

Insurance is like no other product—it’s a promise. Insurance companies need to know a fair amount about you to prepare quotes that they can stand behind. When you get your comparative quotes, choose based on coverages and price. Nobody was ever glad they over-saved on insurance by skimping on coverages they ended up needing.

  • A lot of information about you goes into making insurance quotes. You will need to provide information about your household, driving history and vehicles.
  • Comparing (and choosing) insurance quotes is partly about educating yourself. It’s not a big deal today, but down the road it could be.
  • Choose an effective date for insurance at least a week in advance to give yourself time to confirm the new policy is in place and cancel the old one. Always avoid lapses in coverage.
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What information do you need to get a car insurance quote?

Insurance provides protection for your unique situation, so the insurance companies need to know some details about you when making quotes for a fair price. When quoting with INSURANCE-MOD, you will provide some information about yourself and your vehicle(s). Separately, we will pull some public data about you and use it to fill out the information for the insurance companies we are quoting with. We will never share this information outside of preparing quotes for you!

What you need to provide:

  • Your address
  • Your vehicle(s)’ year, make, model and trim
  • Details about the vehicle, such as where it is stored, its use, and mileage
  • The limits of insurance you want
  • Info about other drivers that will be covered on the policy
  • History of traffic incidents and accidents for everyone on the policy (typically limited to the last five years)
  • Photos of your vehicle (for classic/collector vehicles only)

Public data we will pull:

  • Drivers’ license numbers
  • VIN numbers
  • Features of your car when it was stock


A lot of the information you need to get a car insurance quote is also part of the applications for home, condo and renters. You can take advantage of the opportunity to also request quotes for where you live. Bundling these policies for more savings is a big benefit.

How to compare insurance quotes

When you submit your account to INSURANCE-MOD, we will carefully prepare a side-by-side comparison from some of the best insurance companies offering coverage to you. We are also the only company that will provide you this same comparative quoting service for your classic/collector vehicle.

The quotes are in! …now what?

Your quotes are in-hand, so now it’s time to… read. Yes, we said it! When buying insurance, the last thing you want to do is go only on price. How do insurance companies lower price? One way is by lowering coverage. The quote document will be a side-by-side comparison, where you can comb through the coverages and see where each company decided to land on the coverages that could one day become very important to you. Once you’ve done that, then you’ll know what you’re buying—and that’s always a good thing.

Getting your new policy and canceling your old one

With insurance, the product is a promise—a promise for protection for you, your family, your assets and (of course) your car. Switching to a new insurance company or buying insurance for the first time is an important step.

Avoid lapses in coverage by requesting an effective date of insurance around a week in advance. This will give you enough time to 1) confirm with the new insurance company that the policy will become effective on that date, and then (and only then) 2) contact your current (soon to be old) insurance company to tell them to cancel your policy on the same date.

How do you switch insurance policies if you are bundling home/condo/renters and auto?

You probably just saved a bunch by bundling—congratulations! But you know what insurance companies love about you bundling your insurance? It’s that you’re less likely to switch insurance in the future. If you are paying your homeowner’s or condo owner’s policy with an escrow account through your mortgage company, you are even less likely to switch. Updating the insurance company in your escrow isn’t that hard, though, and well worth it.

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