Our Story

Equal parts car enthusiast and insurance nerd…

Who we are

We are a blended team of car enthusiasts and insurance mechanics working to help the
auto-enthusiast community around the country. Everyone who gets in the door goes
through a mod: insurance training for car people and car culture injection for insurance

Why we’re here

The INSURANCE-MOD team has firsthand experience with the uncertainty and questions
of finding the right classic/collector insurance for their own vehicles, just as you have had with your vehicle. Is your vehicle eligible? Are you getting the right coverages? Are you
getting the best price?

INSURANCE-MOD is here so you can be sure about these things.

What we do

Every car submitted to INSURANCE-MOD goes through our proprietary technology, the “Cartool,” which drives your vehicle down the winding and dizzying roads of the eligibility
criteria for all the insurance providers we work with. Any insurance companies you’re not eligible with can eat your dust as the others line up to win your business.

Who likes doing things twice?
By the time you have provided enough information for classic/collector vehicle insurance quotes, it hardly takes much more to quote your other property. We’ll save you time by
using your info to quote your standard auto and home, condo or rental with some of the best insurers in your area.

Isn’t it a pain to have your insurance through multiple companies?
Most of the time, your classic/collector vehicle will be with one insurance company and your standard auto(s) and home, condo or rental will be bundled with another. When you work with INSURANCE-MOD, you can access you insurance information for both in one place. Our mobile app or browser portal can be your one place to access all your auto ID cards and insurance policies. If you switch insurance companies later, you can still access everything you need with us.

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Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543

Questions? Call us!

(833) 534-1543
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